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SiteGround is consistently the highest rated shared web host service when it comes to customer service. They also repeatedly come in as one of the top comapnies in up-time, reliability, and speed.

Why We Love Them: The bottom line is, SiteGround’s customers LOVE this company, as evidenced by an average of 4.9 out of 5 rating from a strong majority of user reviews. A quick search of the company will return a plethora of data backing up the claim that they are one of the best hosts when it comes to reliability and speed, as well as thousands of user testimonies on how great and quick their customer service is.

This year, 2018, they eclipsed hosting over 1,000,000 domains with 97% satisfaction. Click here to read the SiteGround article on their acheivement.

The reason I know this is a top choice for site hosting is because before I built a website I went to hundreds of websites and analyzed which ones were loading quickest, even when there was tons of content on the page that might have slowed them down. I suggest you do this as well if you need evidence the way I did (scroll down to the Tips & Tricks section for instructions). Time and again in my testing the faster sites were hosted by either SiteGround or A2 Hosting – without using analyzing tools of any kind I saw first hand as a visitor how quickly the pages were coming up so I could confirm their claims of speed. Consequently, they also ranked very high on every recommendation site and sites which had fancy tools to test the speed averages as well.

If you are just starting to build your site you might question why speed is so important for your website.

There are 2 main reasons to build your site to be speed optimized:

1) People will leave a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load
2) Search Engine Optimization (meaning Google, Bing, etc.,) all factor in your site’s speed in their algorithm which determines if your site is “high quality” enough to give it higher rankings.

The other factor of a great host is reliable up-time. Some sources say you can lose as much as $7000.00 for every minute your site is down – this of course depends on your sales/traffic per minute. But it makes sense that if your site is down often, people will get frustrated and find somewhere else to go.

On top of all this, SiteGround’s pricing model is highly competitive. With shared hosting plans starting at only $3.95 a month, their service is a tough act to beat.

Here are some of the perks of using SiteGround as your host:

✔ Free Website Builder
✔ cPanel & SSH Access
✔ Free CMS Install
✔ 24/7 Technical Support
✔ SSD Storage
✔ Free Auto Daily Backups
✔ 30 Days Money Back
✔ Unlimited Email Accounts & DBs
✔ HTTP/2 Enabled Servers
✔ Free Let’s Encrypt SSLs
✔ Free Cloudflare CDN
✔ GDPR compliant


How it Works: SiteGround offers a variety of CMS choices including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop, & WooCommerce. They can also work with you on setting up any custom CMS you might prefer that isn’t in that list.

SiteGround’s setup is quick and easy. Once you have picked your hosting plan and made your purchase (which could include the domain name but we recommend buying this separately for a lower cost through Namecheap), you will get an email with all the details of what you need to begin setting up your site.

If you opt for one of the default CMS options like WordPress or Drupal, you will have a one click option to install it when you first log into your newly purchased SiteGround account.
Example install page

You also have access to your cPanel. I have to admit the options at this point seem overwhelming but are really not as bad as they look. Use SiteGround’s easy to navigate tutorials on the specific item you are looking for, all of their main ones are actually easy to get to by going to their website’s footer. If you don’t know which one applies start with the Knowledge Base Tutorial.

Siteground Tutorial Example

If you have an existing WordPress site that you need to have migrated, SiteGround recently launched a new WordPress plugin called WordPress Migrator which makes transferring your existing site possible in only a few clicks. This tool makes it EXTREMELY easy to migrate your site – just note that your existing version of PHP needs to be at a minimum of 4.5, otherwise it does not work.

Return Policy: With the exception of cloud or dedicated server hosting (and purchased domain names), you can request and receive a full refund within 30 days of your purchase of SiteGround’s host services.

Customer Service: I recently helped a friend migrate her site from a very bad hosting service over to SiteGround. We called tech support probably 30 times and I also contacted them through chat. Every time we called we either got through right away or waited at most a few minutes. Chat was instantaneous. I can’t tell you how great this was considering my experiences with other companies has been extremely long wait times with reps who were not knowledgeable. The SiteGround reps were superb and stayed on the phone with us until the issues were resolved, which sometimes meant over an hour of technical support. This is why they have the reputation that they do.

Tips & Tricks: If you already have a website go to Google Page Speed Insights and check to see if your response comes back with “reduce server load time” which indicates you might have a slow host. If you want to do your own research on sites that have the best speed, start by finding websites that are loading fast, then go to WebsiteHostingHero to see who the site is hosted by.

If you choose either the GrowBig or GoGeek plans you will get a free site transfer with your plan.

If you decide on using SiteGround try to choose a plan which will adequately handle your requirements. For an average page size of 50KB, 20,000 visitors per month, and 5 pages per visitor your website will need about 5000MB, or 5GB, of bandwidth per month. Note that 20,000 visitors per month equates to approximately 667 visitors per day. Most brand new websites will probably not come anywhere close to these numbers unless you do some incredible marketing, so you will probably be safe with a smaller plan for about a year while you build your traffic. If you feel you will be able to drive much larger numbers of traffic right away, base which one you pick on your estimated traffic and storage usage.

SiteGround Plans

StartUp: Maximum ~10,000 visits per month
GrowBig: Maximum ~25,000 visits per month
GoGeek: Maximum ~100,000 visits per month
Storage Size:
StartUp: 10GB Web Space
GrowBig: 20GB Web Space
GoGeek: 30GB Web Space

SiteGround Plans

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Our Review

SiteGround Review
4.8 / 5 Our Score
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Customer Service5
The Good
– Lightening fast Hosting Speed
– Reliable Hosting Uptime ~99.9%
– Stellar Customer Support
– Easy Setup
– Security
The Bad
– Renewal prices are high
– Limits are restrictive on low-price plans