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How to Use Entertainment Websites

There’s nothing like enjoying the experience of live entertainment, especially if you can swing it for a low cost. We’ve identified some different ways you can save money while expanding your concert, sport, and local-event horizons.

5 steps to make the most of your Entertainment sites:

Step 1: If you know the dates you want to target, start researching average prices for the event/place you plan to go to.

Step 2: Explore multiple site options for the best prices. If purchasing tickets for an event, write down the seating sections for tickets you are considering.

Step 3: If an event, confirm your seat location on the actual location’s website. We have been burned in the past buying tickets from a less than reputable ticket company which advertised tickets for General Admission right next to the stage, while our actual tickets ended up being at the back of the stadium on the lawn.

Step 4: Use a site which promises a guarantee, this is important in case anything goes wrong and you need a last minute ticket. VividSeats, Ticketmaster, StubHub, & TickPick all are a guaranteed ticket sellers, meaning if you do not get the tickets, they will refund your money or will find you alternate tickets for the event.

Step 5: If you do not have your tickets delivered by the day before the event, call the customer service line of the ticket broker you purchased from. Most of the complaints we have seen were from people who had issues receiving the tickets and didn’t have by them the day before but opted to wait. Call if your tickets haven’t arrived a week prior, so that the ticket company can contact the actual seller and figure out what is going on.

Event Tickets

Ticket “convenience” fees have gotten out of hand. Why pay a $40.00 handling charge for an electronically delivered ticket? Here are some sites that offer a refreshing alternative to the exorbitant amounts you will pay when purchasing through most well known ticket brokers.

Vivid Seats

VividSeats scores really high with users in general, and really high with us on their extensive selection. One reason we like them is you can usually find seats not always available via other ticket sellers, like the baseball tickets RIGHT behind home plate. Their fees are built into their shown prices. They also offer a guaranteed ticket, meaning if you show up to an event and something goes wrong, they will find you another set of tickets for that venue.

VividSeats Review |


TickPick is a sort of new front runner in the ticket scene (they’ve been around since 2011) but we love them for their commitment to delivering high-quality customer service, transparency in brokerage fees, no buyer fees, and their dedication to keeping their word-of-mouth reputation positive. This means they will quickly respond to communication requests via phone or email (we have tested this out), charge zero delivery fees for electronic tickets, and have very low service fees. TickPick is not the actual ticket seller (they are second hand sellers just like VividSeats) but if something goes wrong they will guarantee the sale by offering other tickets for the same event in an emergency situation.

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Local Activities

Are you aware of new restaurants opening up, a hidden brewpub around the corner, a nearby go-kart track? If not, these sites can be a great resource for discovering new places and activities around town and allows you to try them out at a discounted rate.


Groupon offers deep discounts on local activities to incentivize consumers to try new places. The win-win is that the businesses want to get people in to try their services or offerings and as a customer you get to test a new place for a bargain. Groupon acts as the middleman to provide these services for no fee to the consumer and a small one to the business. Groupon’s deals need to be scrutinized so that all the details are understood as there can be limitations on dates and each voucher will expire within a certain timeframe.

Living Social

Living Social utilizes an almost identical model to Groupon, but usually has different places listed. If you are unable to find something at one of these two sites, check the other as they may have what you’re looking for. Both Living Social and Groupon offer discounted travel options as well as shopping for discounted merchandise. Groupon now owns LivingSocial, however the selection between the two still remains mostly separate with a little overlap.

LivingSocial - Our Review |

Cloud 9 Living

Cloud 9 Living is similar to Groupon and LivingSocial in that you can find discount adventures in your local town. They offer different experiences from Groupon and Living Social but still at excellent rates. As a smaller company they seem to be more customer-centric; we are always impressed with companies that take the time to respond to every negative review and compensate customers as best they can – which they seem to do (see their reviews on TrustPilot).

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Tips & Tricks

The early bird doesn’t always get the worm. It sometimes pays to wait until the last minute when it comes to tickets. Although it’s a bit of a gamble, we have found great day-of deals for sporting events where you can snag a ticket from someone who couldn’t make the game and just wants to dump them cheap. If you are able to hold out, check Stubhub or FlashSeats on the day of or a few days prior to the event to see what is available. This does require a high level of flexibility as what is available may not be what you are looking for or there may not be seats together.