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What is Movavi Screen Capture Studio? Movavi Screen Capture Studio is a way to record your screen, video, and add any other media (photos, stock video, etc.,) to have a complete screencast video that you can publish to YouTube, Vimeo, or anywhere else. When you watch YouTube or other tutorials where someone’s computer is being recorded and you see a small capture of their face speaking at the same time, this is what a screen capture program does.

Is it weird to be in love with a video editing program? If so, If it is weird then I’m definitely not – but maybe – I really am. While I could review several other products like Camtasia, SnagIt, Adobe Presenter, & others which all do the same thing (but for more money and less features), I figure, why bother? Movavi has the most features for the lowest price, so it really is a no-brainer to choose it over anything else. It’s also extremely easy to use and you will pay once, as opposed to the monthly fees for some of the other programs.

Who Is Movavi Good For?

Beginners will love the tutorials which should help ease you into all of the features (and there are tons of them) so that it’s not overwhelming to learn. Those who have had any experience with MAC’s iMovie should feel right at home as a lot of the editing aligns with the way you edit in iMovie (iMovie is what I used before I found this). This tool is great for beginners and amateurs alike. Professionals might need something a little more powerful, like Adobe Premiere CC.

Movavi Pricing Models

  • Movavi’s 7-day trial is free.
  • Movavi Screen Capture Studio is $59.00 – a one-time license and the program is yours forever.
  • Optional pay-for add-ons are available for ad-hoc Movavi elements such as music, special effects, stickers, transitions, etc.

Movavi Features

  • Record screencasts
  • Record online videos
  • Record sound
  • Grab screenshots
  • Capture webcam video
  • Trim and cut video and audio files

  • Edit: rotate, split, join videos
  • Apply effects and filters
  • Enhance video quality
  • Add watermarks and titles
  • Share videos online

Video Tutorial

Movavi Demo

Free Trial Demo

Screenshot Examples

Screenshots of the Movavi experience, including the dashboard controls & examples. The screenshots show how the video above was edited.

Export Options

  • YouTube
  • Google Drive
  • Vimeo


Benefits You Might Love

  • Beautiful Transitions
  • Fun & Slick Filters
  • Background Images
  • Audio Effects
  • Assorted Title Choices
  • Montage Wizard takes videos from folder and creates a video for you

  • Animated Callouts
  • 4k resolution capability
  • Easy to Learn/Use
  • Low Price
  • Picture-in-Picture Screencasts


Areas For Improvement

Trial Version Limitations

While I understand the trial is just for testing purposes, the watermark  basically makes the trial version unusable – it would be great if you could place or move the watermark to a more inconspicuous location. There is also a 5 minute recording limitation for the trial version.

360 and 3D Video
There is no current capabilities for this, but might be a good future enhancement.

Webcam in Screen-cast

It would be helpful if you could preview the webcam position before you begin your screen-cast so that you could judge the lighting, positioning, etc., before filming the first recording. As it stands, you need to do a test recording first to see how it looks and then scrap that test recording.


Helpful Negative & Positive Customer Feedback

Helpful Negative Review

” There is not an easy way to edit instructions into the actual video, however, we loaded all our videos onto an unlisted youtube page for our employees and I put the written instructions in the description which works just fine.”

Helpful Positive Review

“It’s excellent for making instruction videos for newcomers, compress it down to a reasonable file size, store them on the company network, so each new employee can quickly get started. Movavi allows me to make this videos very quickly, and if needed, include chapters or host them on the web, and make them very fast to start streaming. Before I was using a very similar software package, which we probably all know, and all have used, but once it started with a subscription model, on top of the slow performance (not to mention the extremely long encoding times) I downloaded the demo of Movavi, and was so impressed by it speed, that I bought a full license, and in just 1 weekend, I completely got back on track with all my projects. That was a beautiful experience!”


What can I do with the free trial?

The free trial gives you full functionality, but you will have a watermark on your final video and you are limited to 5 minutes or less.

Do I need to add credit card information to use the free trial of Movavi?

No, you do not. You can just download the .exe from the site.

Is there an alternative product to Movavi?

Yes, you could check out Camtasia, SnagIt, or Adobe Presenter, for starters.


The Scoop

If you need to do webinars, screencasts, vlogging, or any editing – this would be the right tool for the job. Don’t just take my opinion though, take it for a test spin and find out for free, for yourself.

9.8 Total Score
Best Overall Screen Capture/Video Editing Tool

This product packs a huge punch in a little price tag. If you're looking for screen capture software that will make your life monumentally easier than using a big time product like AVID - but with only slightly less functionality than pricey, professional software, you won't be disappointed in choosing Movavi.

  • Free Trial
  • Easy To Use
  • Many titles, transitions, stickers, filters, audio clips, and more
  • Ability to purchase add-ons from the effects store
  • High resolution export options
  • Picture in Picture Screen-casting
  • Option to record separate audio
  • Trial has Watermark & 5 minute limit
  • No Green Screen capabilities
  • Program freezes up sometimes
  • No Preview for Screen-Cast
  • Large file sizes (no great compression options)
User Rating: Be the first one!
A great screen capture and video editing program for a low price.
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  1. This software is terrible! I’ve had the capture time-out part-way through a 1.5 hr streaming video – multiple times on the same video! Hours of my life wasted with no captured video. Convert to High Def DVD quality creates an MPG file, not a VOB (the DVD standard). And then the conversion contains multiple areas of pixelation and dropped frames! More hours of my life lost forever, with no usable video in the end. My advice, if you’re looking for a serious, dependable high-res screen capture solution, is to keep looking!

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