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What is Greenvelope?

Greenvelope is an online invitation creation and management tool for those who wish to send invitations in a more eco-friendly and modern way – paperlessly. Greenvelope has been servicing forward-thinking businesses and individuals for over 10 years. They continue to perfect and grow their selection and features; adding more functionality to their services every year. Customers rave about the convenience of using these over paper invites and love Greenvelope’s fantastic customer support.


If you’re looking for a way to send paperless invitations to people that are still effectively beautiful and professional looking, this is the “droid” you are looking for. The advantage in choosing Greenvelope over other online evite services is that unlike free e-cards, there are no advertisements with their animated cards, so they don’t come across as cheesy and cheap. You also have the option to upgrade to professional, custom-designed invites created by Greenvelope’s team of contracted artists. Whichever you opt for the default templates or a custom creation, purchasing these invites will save you money and time, and should make you feel good about your choice of being hyper environmentally-friendly.

Invitation Set Examples

Available Features

  • Save the Date Notifications
  • Thank-yous
  • Design services
  • RSVP tracking
  • Survey questions
  • Google maps integration
  • Google calendar integration
  • Custom invitation options

Available Styles

There are many different styles of default already-made templates available for you to customize with your own information, or you might opt to have a designer create something custom specifically for you.

Themes include:

  • Beach
  • Classic
  • Destination
  • Floral
  • Indian
  • Modern

  • Romantic
  • Rustic
  • Simple
  • Vintage
  • Watercolor

Why Consider Paperless Invites?

  • Paperless invites are easier to track than their printed counterparts.
  • They are better for the environment in conserving trees and creating less waste.
  • Online invites are less expensive than printed invites; both from the invitation standpoint, and the postage to send the invites and pre-stamp the return letters.
  • Greenvelope’s tracking system makes it easy to upload your recipient list and manage each person’s responses – from beginning to end.
  • No assembling and addressing individual envelopes saves time.
  • Information is easier to send to guests through e-delivery if event information changes (weather delays, venue changes).


How Does it Work?

  1. Pick a design using the design explorer; select a pre-made template or upload your own design.
  2. Customize your fonts, links & colors. Pick your envelope style and stamp.
  3. Fill out your details adding your event information, hotel details, attire, set RSVP deadlines, insert custom messages, create surveys, edit plus one’s, add gift registries, website links, photo galleries, and more.
  4. Preview your information and card details, editing as needed.
  5. Import your contacts or create them from scratch – group families or contacts together.
  6. Select your guests and send the invites. Add more as needed.
  7. Track all of your RSVPs and email opens. If you wish, you can resend. You can also manually change guest’s status if needed.

What Is the Process for Custom Invitations?

Work with designers to create an invitation or card design from scratch.

Send along your specific vision and wording and Greenvelope’s designers will create a template that is perfectly suited to you. Advanced design work or hand-done art falls under a fully custom design service.

Custom invites can take up to a week to create, and 2 rounds of revisions are included in the cost – more revisions incur additional fees.

What if Guests Don’t Have Email?

If some of your guests don’t have email you still have the option to download the image and print it off yourself or send it to a company that can print it for you. You can also manually RSVP on your guest’s behalf for tracking purposes.

Is There a Free Trial?

Yes! You can sign up for a free trial which will allow you to send invites to 10 people.

Trial memberships cannot:

  • Send to more than 10 people
  • Create a shareable link of your card
  • Export your card as a file to your computer for printing
  • Use the Group Messaging feature
  • Clone your card to a different mailing

You can also easily convert your trial into a regular membership, which will allow you to keep any of the setup you did in your trial package.

What Are The Prices and Plans?


Package Size Single Mailing Price
Up to 60 People $59
Up to 80 People $79
Up to 100 People $99
Up to 150 People $124
Up to 200 People $149

You can use Greenvelope’s invite counter tool to see what the price is for your exact number of invitees.

Included with all memberships:
– Unlimited Save The Date, Invitations, Thank You Notes, Announcements, and Holiday Cards
– Track RSVPs and Registrations
– Easy Contact Importing
– Guest List Privacy
– Survey Questions
– Messaging Center
– Calendar & Map Integration
– Automated Event Reminders
– Live Chat, Email, Phone Support

Package Size Price
Light Up to 40 People / Mailing $120/Year
Bronze Up to 250 People / Mailing $195/Year
Silver Up to 500 People / Mailing $295/Year



  • Color changes to a basic template – $29
  • Text adjustments – $49
  • Fully custom design – $249


Can I add music?

Yes, you may upload your own music to be played when the invite is opened.

What Are Other Options for Electronic Invitations? or

What People are Saying

“I made last minute invitations for my best friend! Thank goodness I found Greenvelope first, because I fell madly In love with the creativity, customization, and simplicity of the product and service. The quick tutorials are helpful if you get stuck, but I think that I most love the tracking ability.
If and when I tie the knot, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be using Greenvelope.

Things I love:
1. Automatic saving throughout the editing process.
2. Ability to map, add to calendar, and add notes for guests.
3. Ability to save contacts in an address book for future invitations/events.
4. Affordability… small price to pay for convenience!!
5. ADORABLE designs!!!!


Our Review of Greenvelope

9.5 Total Score
Green and Gorgeous Paperless Invitations

Make an impact with these easy-to-use, easy-to-customize, economical and green alternative to traditional paper-based invites. Along with an awesome product, Greenvelope's customer focused staff goes above and beyond to make sure its customers are happy. Brides and grooms as well as recipients LOVE their e-card invites.

  • Paperless & Green
  • Affordable
  • Artist-Created Templates
  • Custom Designs Available for Purchase
  • Excellent Tracking System for Invites & RSVPs
  • No physical print ordering options available (you can still download and print the cards off yourself though)
User Rating: 5 (1 vote)
Greenvelope is an online invitation creation and management tool for those who wish to send invitations in a more eco-friendly and modern way - paperlessly
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