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Cutco Shears/Scissors

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One set of kitchen scissors to rule them all.

This is one mean, bad-daddy of culinary accessories – able to do more than it was cut out to do (yes, scissor pun).

Due to their exorbitantly high prices, I am on the fence about recommending other Cutco items.

However, I have absolutely no reservations in promoting these scissors that are a cut above all the rest (second one in the first section – BAM, that just happened).

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say if you want top of the line cooking scissors – you’ve found them.

Who are Cutco Scissors Good For?

People who cook a lot will love having these aid them in the kitchen.

They are perfect for cutting ANYTHING, including: broccoli florets, chives, chicken, celery, lettuce, fruit, stray head hairs, random carpet fibers, & the occasional flower.

These babies are flexible. They can go from garden to kitchen, to crafting, to opening a tricky package. Effortlessly. Like butta.

When you make them dull, the company makes them sharp again, free of charge (you pay to ship them is all).

What’s the catch, you ask? They are freaking pricey. That’s it.

Other than that, great. Superb. Magnifiqué . Don’t just take my word for it, read the gobs of reviews of customers who literally gush about these scissors.

Cutco Scissor Features

  • Sharp as hell
  • Comfortable for small or large hands

  • Works for a lefty or a righty
  • Can cut just about anything

  • Easy to clean by separating the two pieces
  • Free sharpening for life
  • Lifetime warranty – will be replaced for just about any reason
  • Made in America – yes, ‘Merica


The blade material is 4117 High-Carbon, Stainless Steel and the handle is a thermo-resin.

There are forum conversations that go on ad-naseum about how inferior or superior the Cutco blade material is to X, Y, Z other materials out there.

All I know is that this set of shears is for life – and it can cut pennies up like they’re paper.

You be the judge.

Sharp for Life

If your shears or any other Cutco products go dull – send them back to Cutco and they will sharpen them and mail them back to you. Or, they can have a representative stop by your house and sharpen them when they’re in your area. This is what a $1700 knife set will get you – a man (or woman), in yo’ house. Sharpening yo skissors (purposeful typo for impact). That’s some fancy @$$ white glove service.

Lifetime Warranty

You heard it right the first time. It’s for life. And it’s pretty much a no questions asked replacement policy. Why? Because they have a reputation for standing firm behind this warranty. Cutco wants their knives to be something that’s handed down from previous generations to the next. This is how they do their marketing, and it’s worked for them so far.

So you can rest assured when you purchase anything Cutco, you’re not going to be harassed around how you ruined your Cutco product.

This means, throw it at a tree, if that’s what you’re into.


Yes, this is a pricey set of knives if you go with the full set, or one pricey item if you’re only buying one item from them. Why is it this expensive? A lot of that has to do with the sales model and how they commission their reps. Some of it has to do with being manufactured in America. Some of it has to do with the free sharpening and lifetime warranty. It may have a little to do with the materials they use, but in all honesty all good knives should be made from high quality material, and the handles of these are plastic (excuse me, resin, so plastic and something else mixed in).

In my opinion they are pricey because they can be, because they’ve earned their reputation and stand behind their product. And they pay their reps well. All I can say is if you are looking for cheap, this ain’t it. But if you can live with the price tag, you will have a quality item that no one seems to regret purchasing.

If there’s just no way you would ever swing the price for these, check out these much cheaper alternative kitchen shears:

Helpful Negative & Positive Customer Feedback

Helpful Negative Review

” I have had the old silver shears since 1962. a few years ago I sent them and all my knives to company to be sharpened. I asked that if they could not do the shears, to please send them back to me. they did and also sent me the new ones. i don’t like the knew one. i pinch my fingers every time i use them and they don’t cut much of anything without a lot of effort.”

Helpful Positive Review

“I have had these for over fifteen years. I have never had them sharpened and they go in dishwasher at least four times per week since i have owned them. They cut chicken bones, lobster shells, chicken, steak when i am cubing it for stew, as well as paper, and any other cause that i may have for scissors. They are easy to clean as they come apart. I am actually online right now to purchase them as a gift for a friend. These shears are a MUST”

If you are interested in more of the Cutco products, read our blog post about Are Cutco Knives Worth The Money?


9.2 Total Score
Survey Says: A-MAY-ZING

I shouldn't have to say more than you can use these to not only cut a penny, but actually slice a penny into the shape of a flower with detailed petals. That should give you the rundown on how well these things work, how sharp and precise they are, and how powerful.

  • Sharp
  • Cuts through pennies
  • Easy to Clean
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free sharpening (for LIFE)
  • The Cost
  • Serrated edges mean you have to send them back for sharpening
User Rating: 4 (6 votes)
Cutco Super Shears
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