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If you are considering taking the chance on ordering a bridal gown online due to the perks of convenience and cost, this is one place you should definitely check out. The same goes for their beautiful selection of bridesmaids and formal dresses which are affordable and stylish.

Bridal &Β  Formal Dress Examples


What Are Custom vs. Standard Sizes?

Cocomelody offers two options for sizing your dress, standard dress sizes and custom made-to-fit.

Standard sizes are what you would find in any store with the common sizing labels of 2,4,6,8, up to size 28. Cocomelody has a chart mapping how your measurements align to their regular sizes.

Custom made-to-fit means you follow the instructions on how to measure each part of your body: hips/bust/waist/neck-to-floor and they will create a dress that is completely custom fitted for you – for a fee (this starts at $29.00).Β  Note: Some of the designer wedding dresses available do include the custom tailoring for free.

When selecting the custom fit it is important to get your measurements correct. This can be tricky, so it is highly advised that you follow the instructions EXACTLY – use the site’s guide (which includes a video) for instructions on how to do this correctly.

What is Cocomelody’s Return Policy?

If you are unhappy with your dress you may request a refund within 7 days of receiving it (with the original tags still in place and no damage to the item) and will be reimbursed the dress price minus the shipping costs – this only applies to standard sizes. Custom sized dresses have been created for you and therefore can’t be returned as they won’t fit someone else.

The BEMUR designer dresses cannot be returned at all, provided they arrived within the shipping window.

Custom tailored dresses cannot be returned, these are final sale.

Clearance items, accessories, and color swatches are all final sale.

Can I try it on at home and send it back?

Yes! Cocomelody offers samples to try on in normal (not custom fitted) sizes – this is available for US customers only. You are allowed to pick out and have 3 samples shipped to you for $20.00 per gown, which includes shipping both ways.

IMPORTANT: You MUST return the samples within 3 days or be charged twice the price of the dress. You may also be banned from the company if you try to keep the samples. The samples also have to be returned in the condition they arrived in.

Will Cocomelody Have the Exact Color I need?

Cocomelody has many, many color options in each style. Since color matching is very important, if anyone in your bridal party is wearing a dress from another company the colors may differ slightly. To prevent issues with mismatched colors, you can order a color swatch for $2.00 which will give you a sample of each style of fabric in that color.

You should be aware that colors are typically very different in-person than they appear on your monitor (since every monitor is configured slightly differently).

If you haven’t selected your wedding color palette yet but are considering having your bridal party get their dresses at Cocomelody, it’s a really good idea to get a swatchbook for ~$10.00, so that you can see all of the colors in person before you make a decision.

If All of My Wedding Party Is Ordering from Cocomelody, What Should I Do?

In order to keep all of the colors consistent (there are usually real subtle variations even in the same color if they’re not from the same fabric bolt) it’s recommended toΒ  place the Cocomelody order for all of the party’s dresses within 24 hours – and then send an email to Cocomelody with all of the order numbers, requesting they are all made from the same bolt. This will guarantee the colors will be an exact match.

The colors might also be slightly different if different fabric types (like lace vs. chiffon) are chosen, so be aware of that as well.

Isn’t it Better To Buy This In A Store?

Better is subjective, but it’s a different experience either way. There are pros and cons to both in-person and online purchases:


  • Expert assistance
  • Can see if the dress is flattering
  • Can try on styles you may not have thought you’d like
  • Fun Experience at Bridal Salons

  • Expense
  • Some Bridal Stores are Overly Busy/Crowded
  • Bridal Stores can take longer to get your dress in
  • All custom alterations are usually very costly
  • Usually have to have 2 fittings/alterations
  • Fabrication and shipping can take longer than online stores usually take



  • Less expensive
  • Alterations are MUCH less
  • Can order samples to try on in the privacy of your home
  • Less pressure by salespeople

  • Virtual assistance only
  • Have to have in-house dress party for opinions from friends
  • Shipping times can be long
  • Fabrication time can be long
  • Colors & Sizes may not be perfect
  • Fit could be wrong (if measurements or alterations aren’t right)

Regarding the turnaround time, my personal experience with ordering a David’s Bridal bridesmaid dress was a 4 month out wait-time because the item was on back-order. So, it really depends on the store and the specific dress as far as if you can get your order quicker if going through a physical, brick & mortar store.

The truth is, you can go wrong with getting a dress online OR if you go through a bridal salon/boutique. There are just as many happy customers or horror stories for each scenario. The trick is to try and put enough time in front of you so that if something awful does happen you can recover from it by getting the proper alterations or ordering another dress.

If something has gone wrong with a dress you have purchased (from anywhere), Cocomelody has an area for “Ready to Ship” dresses, where you can get an off-the-rack dress sent to you within 3-7 days. This is a great option for those in an emergency pinch, but you’ll have to choose from the colors and sizes available for that dress, and it won’t have the option to be custom tailored for you.

When Should I Order My Dress?

  • If you are ordering a wedding dress, give yourself at least 4-5 months out from your wedding to be safe (this gives you enough time to get emergency alterations done if needed).
  • Other dresses like bridesmaid dresses can probably be ordered 3-4 months out.
  • If you are in an extreme time-crunch situation, consider Cocomelody’s In-Stock dresses which ship within 7 days (so you can plan on them arriving within 2 weeks).
Cocomelody ready to ship

See Ready to Ship Dresses

How Do You Clean and De-Wrinkle These?

Dry Clean Only. To get the wrinkles out, use steam ONLY, at home, or at a Dry Cleaner. Don’t IRON. You can hang them in the shower after you’ve taken a hot shower to steam most of the wrinkles out.

If you have ordered a wedding dress be very careful with the cleaners you use, and make sure they understand how to treat wedding dresses – some can get terribly discolored by dry-cleaning solutions.

What Are The Shipping Costs?

These vary by price point, weight and location. You can find out the shipping costs when you go to checkout.

Or, if ordering from the US – you can follow this link for free shipping on items over $149

FREE SHOPPING Orders $149+ Coupon: CMUS (US ONLY)

International shipping is also available.

What if I’m Still Losing Weight?

If you think your body may change before you get closer to the wedding, you may choose to place the order for your dress ahead of time and choose TBD for the size – your order will be held until you provide your size measurements. Just don’t forget you did this, or your dress will never arrive.

How Long Will it Take to Get My Order?

At most, 3 months. Dresses take between 4-7 weeks to make (even standard sizes are made to order), and shipping can be another 10 days. There are no guaranteed expedite options, but you may contact the company if this is needed and they might be able to work with you to rush the order. Obviously, everyone else wants to get their dresses ASAP so this is not always a possibility.

If you are in an extremely time-pressed situation, you might opt for their In-Stock items rather than take a gamble with getting a custom order in time.

Will I Need To Order A Special Bra?

Some Cocomelody dresses have a bra built into the dress so you will not need to purchase an additional bra, but some do not. Be sure to check before you purchase on whether or not you need to buy an additional corset/bra.

Do they offer discounts?

Cocomelody gives students with a current school ID a 10% off discount.

Active military members with a current .mil email address just need to send an email from that account to get 10% off.

They have a sale area on the site, but strangely enough, I wasn’t able to find any sale items in that area.

Cocomelody offers coupons on various items throughout the year so it’s a good idea to sign up for their email list.

What Payment Methods are Accepted?

Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, BANK Transfer, Sezzle (Pay Later 0% Interest)

What Else Do They Sell?

Cocomelody has a pretty nice selection of wedding accessories including veils, jewelry, and shoes, as well as beautiful items for other wedding members such as the Mother of the Bride, flower girls, and Groomsmen accessories.

Cocomelody Accessories

Can I pay in Installments?

Yes – Cocomelody uses a company called Sezzle, which will allow you to break up your payments into 4 payments over 6 weeks, and there is no interest accrued. You have to sign up and have a valid bank account to use this service. If you do not make your payments on time you will be charged late fees.

Are There Other Great Online Sites Like Cocomelody?

Yes, I have used and highly recommend Azazie, especially for bridesmaid’s or formal dresses.

Alternative Sites – Azazie Review

Go directly to Azazie’s Home Page

Our Review of Cocomelody

9 Total Score
Beautiful Bridal Dresses for Less

Cocomelody has a gorgeous selection of wedding and bridal dresses. If you do your homework and start early enough, read the measurement instructions extra carefully, and put a little cushion of time in just in case anything odd happens with your order, you will most likely be ecstatic with the quality and price of your dress.

  • Amazing selection of bridal and bridal party dresses
  • Low cost
  • Many options for any types of wedding/dresses
  • Many colors
  • Options for trying on samples and color samples
  • Custom-tailoring options available for much less than you will find from a traditional alterations company
  • Very few actual physical locations require ordering online from most locales
  • Some people have complained about poor communication
  • Actual delivery can be longer than expected
  • Custom tailoring requires accuracy in YOUR own measurements
User Rating: 4 (3 votes)
Cocomelody provides a beautiful selection of affordable wedding and bridal party dresses which can be custom-tailored to your custom measurements.
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