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DIY Mulch from a Small Wood Chipper

Small Wood Chipper DIY Mulcher

A small wood chipper is a brilliant investment if you want to kill these two birds with one stone: Clean up those old branches and sticks, and MAKE FREE DIY MULCH! After pruning back a lot of ...

12 Easy Ways to Fix Scratched Wood

DIY fix scratched wood - before photo

Looking for ways to fix scratched wood in your home? If you have ANY wood in your home, you probably have some scratches in your wood. If you've got these problems, I've got the solutions. The ...

How to Make Homemade Wood Stain

homemade wood stain before and after

Homemade Wood Stain will blow your mind with how easy it is to make and how gorgeous it comes out. This stain is especially useful if you are applying it to anything that requires a food-grade stain, ...

DIY Furniture Refinish

Refinished Cabinet

Do you have an old piece of wood furniture that has seen better days? Are you considering restoring it yourself to save money? If so, you'll want to read this or watch the video to see how easy it ...

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