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Diaper Trike – Easy to do DIY

Diaper Trike

A DIY diaper trike is hands down the greatest gift for a baby shower or just as a gift for a friend having a baby. Why, because it is as FUNCTIONAL as it is ADORABLE! On top of being a very ...

Face Mask Easy DIY

sew a face mask

Added a new video tutorial for the fitted mask. If you are looking for an easy to follow face mask tutorial, check these out! One is video only and the other is the full set of instructions to ...

DIY Muslin Swaddle Blanket

muslin swaddle blankets

Do you have someone in your life who could benefit from a swaddle blanket that will quickly become their favorite baby accessory? Maybe that person is you, or someone you care about. Well, if you ...

DIY Frayed Hem Jean Bottoms

DIY Fringe Jean Hem

You can make your own fringe-bottomed jeans, which are all the rage right now. Sometimes these are listed as step hems, frayed hems, fringe hems, but they are usually done on a skinny jean and have ...

DIY Elastic Bead Bracelet

DIY bead bracelet

Have you seen these big balled (tee hee), funky, chunky, boho-trendy bracelets that are all the rage these days? You might have seen them with specific gemstones being used (called yoga bracelets) ...

How to Write Fancy Letters Easy

How to Fancy Letter Easy

Have you seen those cool videos showing someone creating a beautiful scrolly fancy letters saying and thought to yourself, "maybe I should try that"?  I did. And, I did. And I worked and worked ...

How to Make Homemade Wood Stain

homemade wood stain before and after

Homemade Wood Stain will blow your mind with how easy it is to make and how gorgeous it comes out. This stain is especially useful if you are applying it to anything that requires a food-grade stain, ...

DIY Furniture Refinish

Refinished Cabinet

Do you have an old piece of wood furniture that has seen better days? Are you considering restoring it yourself to save money? If so, you'll want to read this or watch the video to see how easy it ...

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