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The Best DIY Bird Baths

DIY Bird baths

Bird Baths are a great way to encourage our feathered friends to come around, and give them a much needed reprieve from the heat and/or a drink. If you love bird watching and want a way to bring more ...

DIY Art in Minutes with Fresh Paint

boat painting

Looking for a great digital painting program that is also free? Yes, many people might not even realize that Fresh Paint by default comes installed on any computer with Windows 10. This incredible ...

Loads of Fun Things To Do At Home

fun things to do at home

Yes, a list of fun things to do at home is specifically relevant right now because we are in the midst of a Global Pandemic - A Global Pandemic for freaks sake! Words I never thought I would be ...

DIY Mulch from a Small Wood Chipper

Small Wood Chipper DIY Mulcher

A small wood chipper is a brilliant investment if you want to kill these two birds with one stone: Clean up those old branches and sticks, and MAKE FREE DIY MULCH! After pruning back a lot of ...

12 Easy Ways to Fix Scratched Wood

DIY fix scratched wood - before photo

Looking for ways to fix scratched wood in your home? If you have ANY wood in your home, you probably have some scratches in your wood. If you've got these problems, I've got the solutions. The ...

Diaper Trike – Easy to do DIY

Diaper Trike

A DIY diaper trike is hands down the greatest gift for a baby shower or just as a gift for a friend having a baby. Why, because it is as FUNCTIONAL as it is ADORABLE! On top of being a very ...

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