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Travel At Home using Virtual Tours

virtual tours

Being sequestered in our homes shouldn't stop us from experiencing the world. Thankfully, we have amazing technology now and that brings with it the fabulous ability to take us into other lands ...

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Passport?


Are you freaking out because you have international travel approaching quickly but you don't have a passport yet? Or, maybe you're way ahead of the game and just trying to get a jump on it for ...

How To Plan a Trip With Friends

friends' shoes on a beach

  Have you ever traveled with a group? Was it great, confusing, fun, frustrating, hectic? Yeah, probably a bit of all of that. Traveling with friends can be either a wonderful or awful ...

2 Days in Asheville, NC

Biltmore Estate Asheville NC Chihuly Exhibit

If you are just looking for recommendations on what to do in Asheville, skip my story and jump to Top 10 Things to Do in Asheville - otherwise, read on. Our Trip to Asheville Sometimes you go ...

The Hairy Potato
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