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Best Sellers on Amazon

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Amazon sells a LOT of stuff. At last count over 300 million products can be found at the online giant.

If you want some ideas for popular items based on the best sellers in the main categories, look no further.

If you’re wondering what are the best sellers on Amazon, you can head off to Amazon’s Best Sellers page for this info, but we’ve rounded up the most unique and interesting top items from each category here on this page, in one easy to look at spot.

We also included some of the next “trending” items for the holidays, so you might be able to get a jump on some of those products which might sell out.

2020 has been such a crazy year – and now we’re almost at the end of it – so hard to believe. This guide is intended to help inspire you so that this year’s holiday shopping might be a bit less daunting.



Entertainment & Activity to Keep Parents Sane During the Pandemic


If you’re like most parents right now, you are struggling to find  interesting things for your kids to do being home ALL. THE. TIME. Here are some brilliant ways to burn some energy or keep those little minds busy enough to stay out of trouble. If you are a friend to anyone with one of these kids, you might consider making your friends’ lives that much easier with one of these as a gift. If you are a parent, you know that just a touch of reprieve might be enough to prevent you from completely losing it.

Category: Toys & Games

Current best selling items include low-priced family games, art supplies, and toys for the youngsters.

What’s Trending This Year in Toys

If you haven’t seen it yet, Amazon has a toy gift guide, which should give you some ideas of what will be trending in the toy area and can help you figure out which toys are popular right now.

While the current Amazon top sellers point to the best bargain-priced toys, the toy industry is seeing a surge in interactive toys for children. These toys teach kids how to take care of another person or animal and encourage nurturing behavior. An example of these is the Fingerling Babies that were wildly popular last year and the year before. Or, you can go a little high-tech with a robotic Yoda that responds to touch and commands – I FRICKIN LOVE BABY YODA! SO CUTE! The L.O.L. Surprise! dolls and the Blume Dolls, are high up on the top trending items this year as well. Hatchlings are wildly popular right now too – you can check out hatchimals on Amazon here.


Category: Electronics

The Fire TV Stick and the Wyze Cam have remained best sellers in the electronics department for a few years. With the increase of streaming media and security devices, it’s no wonder these low-cost items are consistently in high demand and have actually stayed at the top of the list for the last few years.


What’s Trending This Year in Electronics


Bonus Item: This is genius and albeit a bit pricey, is a much needed item that would make a great gift for anyone –  especially great for what we are experiencing right now. I don’t know if there is any guarantee it prevents virus germs, but every bit helps!

Category: Clothing

Loose florals, light sundresses and jumpers seem to be topping the list this year.

Category: Appliances

Portable ice-makers are the majority of items that show up in the best-sellers for appliances list, also always on the list – the mini-fridge (which would be perfect to bring to the office to keep your lunch or creamer isolated from the general population). New to the list is the mini washing machine and spin-dryer, which is eco-friendly an interesting item that would be great for a dorm student.


Category: Arts, Crafts, & Sewing

Not surprisingly, chalkpens, paints, markers, and glue – top the list of best-sellers for this category. Also hot this year, Tie-Dye kits.


Category: Office Products

Am I the only one who gets extreme pleasure out of laminating things? Apparently not, considering laminating sheets take spots #2 and #3 of the top selling Office Products. Tape seems to be a close second, with a butt cushion in between (posture is important, people!). A reasonably priced printer and hanging file storage is also in the top selling list for office supply products.

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Category: Kitchen & Dining

I own the scale below (bought it years ago) – so I can attest it is a good one. The Instant Pot was a craze that really took off last year and looks like it hasn’t lost any steam (get it, kitchen pun?). The Dash Mini is a surprising hit (to me, at least) as it makes a very small waffle or other waffle cooked item like eggs or tater tots. Brita water filters are great, I used one for years until I got a water line filter. The travel mug is a no-brainer, keeping your drinks hot 5 hrs/cold 12 hrs in a spill-proof and lockable container.

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Category: Musical Instruments

The personal karaoke microphone looks pretty fun, I am considering it to replace the monster karaoke machine I have in my back bedroom. Also on the top sellers list for musical instruments are guitar strings, tuners, and capos, as well as interesting new things to play like the Kalimba. If you do anything that requires a microphone, there’s an inexpensive one here for you to consider.


Category: Beauty & Personal Care

Here are the top selling items in Beauty and Personal care.  A hairbrush/curler, makeup remover, hair flat iron, shavers, and moisturizer.


Category: Wind Chimes

What’s more relaxing than a soothing, melodic wind chime? I have my eye on the agate ones myself.

Category: Computers & Accessories

Yep – the usual stuff you would expect to see here – keyboards, tablets, monitors, laptops, and streaming sticks.

Category: Baby

From outlet covers to baby gates, to carriers, the top selling items in the baby category is a great place to start if you need to buy baby-centric gifts. Of course, I left off the more disturbing (to me) items, but most of the top sellers do revolve around baby poop and the removal of it.


If you’ve been struggling with ideas for holiday gifts, this list of best-sellers might trigger some ideas for you!


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