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Unique Gift Ideas

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The holidays are fast approaching my friends. Stop giving the same old tired gifts: gift cards, socks, clothing. Do something different this year. Here are some fun, really unique gift ideas that will show them you actually put some thought into your relationship. Your money is precious, make it count.

For your favorite pet lover

People are crazy for their fur-babies. Say that you really care about what is important to your friends with these light up pet harnesses – keeping their pooch safe. Hello!?! Great and thoughtful gift. If you buy one for your friend they will think of you every time they take Chi-Chi for a walky-poo at night and he isn’t turned into a grease spot.
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Seriously? Golf Lovers AND S.N.L. Lovers unite

Schwetty Balls. I’m not gonna say any more. Except that you can get a Schwetty Ball Sack. I think I’m in love with this company for having the “balls” to actually do this. Disclaimer: If you have never seen Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live’s Delicious Dish skit, you will not get this reference.
schwetty balls

For the fine Art lover in your life

An original piece of artwork. Recreated just for you as a new original. Only a copy. But kind of brilliant I must say. Most of us can’t afford to buy the Mona Lisa, but a hand-painted clone is only a few hundred dollars away. After watching the Thomas Crown Affair, not gonna lie, I’d love that Venice painting. I’m only $99.9 Million shy of purchasing the real San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk.
handmade piece

Class. Some people have it, some people don’t

I’m in the first group – why? Not because I am a refined lady by any means, but because my sweet dear hubby goes through my Craftsy wish list each year and buys me my wishlisted craft classes. This is actually one of the most thoughtful gifts and I love that he does this for me. I learned how to sew my own clothes based on other clothes (without ripping the originals apart) just by sketching the outline of other clothes that fit me well, from a Craftsy class. If your loved one dabbles in photography, look into an online (or local) photography class. There are classes on just about any hobby you can think of. Learn. Put the classes you want on your wishlist and direct your S.O. to it.
craftsy classes

Do Something Different

Doing the same thing all the time can get boring. Sites like Groupon or Living Social can give you some new adventures to share with your friends like a night out on the town watching a comedy act, eating at a newly opened restaurant, or doing an escape room experience.
escape room

For the Kitchen Aficionado

This cutting board is kind of ingenious. It sits on the corner of your counter-top to give you some additional space. Most corners will be wasted space but not if you have something like this, and it also allows for your lazy Susan and drawers to open still (check your specific measurements to be sure). A bit pricey and comes with some maintenance chores of needing oil now and again, but pretty different from your run of the mill kitchen items.
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Make Someone’s Days More Beautiful

Bullet journals are the new craze these days. A friend of mine gave me a gratitude journal and it was such a kind and thoughtful sentiment. Why not help someone create a personalized book where they can express their creativity and at the same time stay more organized? For just a few dollars you can help someone start a new chapter of their own personal journey.
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Knot a Pain in the Neck

We have one of these odd looking contraptions and we have given them as gifts. They work crazy good, although they will get some strange looks from the recipient and they’re a hard thing to wrap. You can use the different nubs in different spots, push down, give a tug, pull it right to left, and it will get those nasty computer knots right out of your back and neck. You could also give a massage at the local mall (we do these a lot too), but this one is the gift that keeps on giving, and healing.
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For the Storm Lover in your Life

My father in-law is a storm chaser and loves weather gadgets of all kinds, so we bought him one of these as a gift. He loved it! This device is pretty neat although not always 100% accurate, but it’s a cool, interactive desk ornament that will change according to the temperature. We stained the wood a darker color because we didn’t like the light color and we added some felt to the bottom so that it won’t scratch furniture.
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Gardeners Do It with Dirt

But they may not have done it with these yet, although they would probably really appreciate it if you decide to splurge and get this for them. Our neighbor next door actually sits outside on a weekly basis with a step-stool and scissors and cuts the grass around her lawn edge, and mailbox. She could really use something like this instead. For 50 minutes of pure trimming joy (for those who think trimming is a joy – that’s not me, I confess) these shears are highly rated for sharpness and battery life.
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Alright STOP! Collaborate and LISTEN

I became a little bit too obsessed with these and bought a LOT of them (different ones but they were all good – some are smaller than others which is a plus) to give out as stocking stuffers last year. Let me tell you, these little babies are AMAZING and SO well priced for what you actually get – I mean less than $20.00 gives you a light show AND a decent Bluetooth speaker, how is that even possible? This is virtually a way to turn your house into a night club. I am still getting feedback from people who are using these that they are blown away by how fun they are. I might try using it this year as part of our Halloween show too, because the lights can flicker to music, so if you’re piping out some scary tunes on Trick-Or-Treat night, this would add to the effects. I keep a spare drawer with a few of these stocked in case someone shows up during the holidays that I don’t have a gift for. They are perfect for any occasion. During our SuperBowl party we switched out our bathroom light and this gives people a little extra “ambiance” music for bathroom time ~ “ah, the soothing sounds of a river”. You can also surround sound your house a bit using these. I haven’t synced two of them together yet, but there is a way to do it. Endless possibilities for the easily amused, like me.
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The Cleansing Sounds of Music

For those of you who think dancing pre-coffee on a slippery surface next to a glass door sounds like a bad idea, I am with you there. But if you think your partner or friend can handle this without endangering their life, a shower radio could be a nice gift that you wouldn’t necessarily purchase for yourself, but is sure to be used and enjoyed. This has actually been on my wish-list for a while, which might say something about my spouse’s deep understanding of how uncoordinated I truly am.
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The Life of The Party

I have been giving White Elephant gifts every year since my life began in the corporate world (many years ago). I know the #1 thing people trade up for and here’s the spoiler, it’s alcohol. Only it’s been superseded by something else. Last year, I put the alcohol in one of these hilarious joke boxes. You would have thought I had given someone a box of gold and they actually could care less about the content being alcohol. I tried to negotiate getting it back afterwards and it was as if I had asked the person for their first born child, he literally held it in his arms and said, “no, I’ve never seen anything like this before and my family is going to FREAK OUT FOR IT”. They are pricey for gift boxes, but so, so worth the reactions you will get from them.
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Game Changing Charger

A friend of mine gave me this device with the statement “It will change your life”. I have to be honest, it kind of did. These are pretty cool. It’s a charger, but it’s cordless, no need to plugin those micro usb cords where you never know if you have it in the right or wrong side… just set your phone on it and watch for the bubble, which means it’s charging. Boom son. Place your phone or tablet down, it starts charging. These things are still fairly pricey though, but I have paid it forward by giving them as gifts as well. Everyone should have at least one, if not more.
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Workplace Comfort

These stand-up/sit-down convertible desks don’t come cheap but could potentially help with someone’s posture and increase their health at work. We used to improvise with some Ikea hacks to make ones ourselves, but this makes a much nicer gift than a bunch of blocks and a monitor stand duct taped together.
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