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Transfer Photos from Phone to Laptop Without a USB

Want an easy way to transfer your photos from your device to your computer? Here’s the simplest way to do just that.

I recently taught my Mom how to do this because she was struggling with trying to figure out how to hook a cord from her phone to her pc and download software in order to transfer her photos off of her phone. In about 3 minutes I walked her through transferring her images from her phone to her laptop, wirelessly and without a USB.

This couldn’t be any easier. I will show you the exact steps to getting your photos permanently backed up on your mobile device so that they are accessible from anywhere.

The Answer is Google Photos

Many people don’t realize that Google Photos can back up all of your images taken with your phone and stores them all for free if you go with the High Quality Resolution setting. That’s right, FREE – up to 15GB. Google is now imposing a fee even for the high quality setting so you will be restricted to 15GBs for free, which is still a lot and then you have the option to buy more storage.

The beauty of this is, most of us have this already working if you are using Google Apps like Gmail on your phone already. But it’s possible you didn’t know about this yet, which may be why you’re here reading this.

If you don’t have any Google Apps on your phone you can download the photo app from Google Photos.


Step 1Google Photos App

• Once you have downloaded it or if you already had it, go into your Google Apps and select Photos.

Step 2google photos settings

• Select the left side hamburger (3 bars, not shown here) icon and click on Settings

Step 3Back up & Sync Setting

• Click on Back up & Sync

Step 4High Quality Google Photo

• Turn on the blue button that shows Back up & Sync is on.

• For Upload Size select High quality if you want the free option.

Step 5google photos on laptop

• That’s IT. Now, when you go to your computer, go to Gmail and log in.

• In the upper right hand corner select the grid of squares and choose “Photos”.

• Your photos are synced. Bam!

Now, anytime you take a picture with your phone it will be available from any device that you log into with your Gmail account.

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Let us know if you used this yourself, or helped your Mom with these tips!

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