Recipes For Your Turkey Leftovers

Don’t let good food go to waste. Upcycle your Thanksgiving turkey meat into a delicious new incarnation!

This might be highly controversial, but I don’t particularly love the taste of turkey – it’s birdy tasting and just kind of echh.

What I do love, are all the things that go on and around turkey, i.e., cranberry sauce, gravy, mashed potatoes.

I ALSO love the way you can mask the pure taste of the turkey by inserting it into other delicious food, therefore making it edible and less funky tasting.

So, almost more exciting than the Thanksgiving day turkey, are the endless possibilities of how to re-purpose it.

Here are some creative and sure-to-please ways to use up those fowl leftovers.


Leftover Turkey and Wild Rice Soup
from Happy Healthy Mama

turkey rice soup


Italian Turkey Soup from Your Home Based Mom

italian turkey soup

Turkey & Sweet Potato Chili from Pinch of Yum

turkey chili


Turkey Dumpling Soup by Wine and Glue

turkey dumpling soup

Turkey Mulligatawny Soup by Simply Recipes

turkey mulligatawny soup


Honey & Lime Turkey Enchiladas by Grits and Pine Cones

turkey enchiladas


Creamy Cheesy Turkey Enchiladas Recipe from Simply Recipes

turkey enchiladas


Creamy Turkey Tetrazzini by Genius Kitchen

turkey tetrazzini


Turkey Butternut Squash Casserole by Wine and Glue

turkey casserole

Ground Turkey Stroganoff by Genius Kitchen

You’ll have to alter this a little to not use ground turkey, but the end result will be similar to the recipe. Some recommend lightening the recipe’s fat content by using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.

turkey stroganoff


Turkey Shepherd’s Pie by Baked by Rachel

turkey shepherd's pie


Turkey Pot Pie by Taste of Home

turkey pot pie




Leftover Turkey Carnitas by Serious Eats

turkey carnitas


Avocado Turkey Salad by Taste of Home

avocado turkey salad


Turkey Salad by Recipe Girl

turkey salad


Curried Turkey Salad with Pumpkin Seeds by Palatable Pastime

curried turkey salad


These recipes should give you plenty of ideas for what to do with your day-after gobbler.

   turkey leftovers pin

How Do You Re-Purpose Your Turkey Leftovers?

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  1. Nice list of turkey left over recipes, healthy as well as delicious. Great blog, nice post.

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