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Great Small Gifts under $10 dollars

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Are you looking for some inexpensive gifts either for stocking stuffers or other filler gift items? Here are some great ideas that range in the less than $10 dollar category – although the prices fluctuate so sometimes they will be a bit over.

Even though I bitch and moan a lot about the holidays coming up too fast, I have to confess that I do get a lot of pleasure out of buying cute and clever things – cause it’s a good way remind your friends and family that you’re awesome.

But, I hate buying things JUST to buy them and waste money. It’s kind of hard to get ideas every year for things that are different, that they will genuinely like and want, and still inexpensive enough to buy a few of these for friends and family.

Bad junk means thoughtlessness, good junk means love.

That’s why I think you will really enjoy this list of inspiration for gifts that are reasonable enough to get one for everyone.

Choose wisely. If you pick your items well, you might go down in the annals of history as the best-gifter-ever and worshiped for all of eternity.

Yeah, probably not.

But back to gifting, just make sure you pick the right thing for the right person or you might have some offended recipients.

However, if they really get offended by a present (has it come to that these days), maybe natural selection means you needed them thinned out of your herd.

I mean really, who wouldn’t want these treasures?

Some of these are so freaking fun and would make great stocking gifts, Hanukkah gifts, or door prizes for your white rock parties.

They’re golden as shower gifts, or just anytime gifts for a spontaneous lunch nooner with a friend who came into town on a whim.

Heck, I want most of these things just for me – forget gifting!

For Anyone

Cotton Eco-Friendly Shopping Tote Bag – With a beautiful selection of colors ad designs to choose from, this economical and environmentally friendly bag will be the perfect small gift for anyone in your life who cares about doing their part to make the world less plastic-filled.

Leather Journal – Perfect for your entries of “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, this is a blank page journal for writing stuff. I’m not sure how they managed to fill out so much in the description, but one of the lines promises something that feels like it’s going to be a letdown when you actually purchase it: “More surprise you will find when getting EvZ journal.” If someone gets it, please write in the comments what the “more surprise” is. I’m 99% sure it’s gotta be a puppy.
Two Car Vent Essential Oil Holders – The perfect thing to hide the stench of that blunt you just smoked. To get the scent you like flowing, apply a few drops of the EO of your choice (that’s Essential Oils for those of you asleep for the last couple of years while the EO market has been skyrocketing) to the little felt pad inside the holder and clip it onto your car vent.

Dirty Word Magnets – I have SO many people in my life I could get this one for, which should say a lot about me and my friend’s potty mouth humor. But for those who don’t appreciate the fine art of profanity – there are tons of variations of these with non-offensive magnetic words you could get instead. In fact, the list could just stop here because this is the best gift. I own a poetry words one myself and we use it all the time – usually coming up with dirty limericks… “there once was a man from Nantucket”… Andrew Dice Clay anyone? No?

Microwave Bowl Cozy – I have wanted one of these for a while now. You can basically protect your hands and keep your bowl touchable after you’ve cooked the ever living heck out of soup, pasta, or whatever you cooked in the bowl. But this one is handmade, washable cotton, AND reversible for less than $10 dollars – that’s insane!

Spiral Wrap-Around Wineglass Drink Markers – Nothing says, “You drink so much you might have a drinking problem but instead of being concerned I’m giving you a gift to reinforce that your problem is totally fine because it makes me feel better about my own drinking problem to buy you a cute present we can swoon over while we drink instead of dealing with the harsh realities of life,” like these colorful, fun, and flirty markers. I just threw “flirty” in there because it means absolutely nothing and I see it used all the time so it must be an effective marketing word.
Magnetic Cellphone Holder for the Car – The description says that this won’t block vents or window, and will “not be indelicate in the car”. I get the first part, but I’m not totally sure about the second part. Whatever not being indelicate means, I think that’s a good thing? A smidgen concerned about buying anything named wizgear, but the almost 5 star reviews on this are reassuring. If you’re not interesting in buying this, you should still watch the video on the product description to enjoy the out of place “sexy” music.

Jelly Comb Slim Mouse – These are stylish, great for a man or woman, and available in just about any color imaginable. Their soft and smooth feel mixed with ultra-quiet performance account for their high ratings and thousands of purchases.
Cactus Pen – This is a really cute pen/stand set shaped like a cactus. Just make sure you bring the base if you take it to work, otherwise you might have some co-workers raising eyebrows on your new “pen”.

Colorful Tumbler – These insulated tumblers are available in many vibrant colors. Keeps drinks hot for 6 hours and cold for 9 hours, great for coffee, beer, or cocktails.
Colorful Silicone Cup – These cups are SO colorful and fun – who WOULDN’T want one? Perfect for a pool or outdoor party – unbreakable, durable, and doubles as a large ice cube maker.

For the Traveler

Foot Hammock – While the person setting up a foot hammock on a plane runs the risk of looking like a bit of an @$$hole, I’d be okay with that if I could find the slightest bit more comfort on a long plane trip. The last long flight I was on had me sliding my legs up the wall trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in (which didn’t happen). I’d be okay with trying out this hanging contraption and for the price, not much would be lost if it didn’t work.
Marble Passport Holder – It holds your passport. And it looks nice. You can’t expect me to have a lot to say about everything on this list. I mean, I can just ramble on if you want me to, but you have a lot more things on this list to read about – so chop, chop, get to it!

Rubber Luggage Tags – Rubber baby buggy bumpers, rubber baby buggy bumpers… oh wait… Rubber Baby Luggage Tags – yeah, no – that just doesn’t work the same. But, I do love these Rubber Luggage Tags (baby!) because they are colorful, fun, AND practical. When everyone at the airport has similar luggage, you want something that helps you identify your bag so you don’t look like the weirdo trying to walk off with someone else’s stuff (“it was an accident, officer.”)

Waterproof Travel Drybag – What the What? Well, who DOESN’T want to try dunking their $800 dollar phone in the water to see if this less than $5 dollar bag (it’s a 2pac Shakur) really works.  I dunno if I would do it, but 8000 reviews or so seem to feel like it’s a good thing to try. It’s nice to see someone finally made something so that the shower is no longer an “off-limits” area for conversation and pictures (?!?!) #nomoreprivacyever

For the Cook

Remove Garlic & Fish Odors – Like flying and saran wrap, no one really understands the mysteries of how this works – but it does work. Rid your hands of the smells of the most foul and offensive cooking odors by merely rubbing your hands in a creepy manner on this silver bar (and in-canting “my precious” over and over). What’s a better message of friendship than to silently tell someone, “I’d like you to smell less bad”?

Pot Strainer – While this feels so unnecessary, having dumped plenty of noodles out of the pot into the sink and having moments of contemplation such as, “should I put them back into the pot now – how much debris was actually in the bottom of the sink?” – makes me think this would actually get used. Not sure.


Monkey Peeler – Because, MONKEYS! p.s., I love this abbreviated, short attention-span world we live in now. You only have to describe something with 2 words. I’m hoping we can reduce that to less letters in the near future too. Something like, Be-Mo. Let’s make that happen – BEMO B#tch!

Silicone Spatula – I actually feel like this would be a very nice gift and thing to have. But, it does also strike me as a little weird to hand someone a silicone spatula. Let’s just say it’s an option; albeit a weird option. Maybe tie it to a box of cookie mix or something – that somehow feels less weird. But then you’re like, forcing your friend to bake something. Maybe they don’t want to bake anything. DAMN, YOU ARE A CONTROLLING FREAK OF A FRIEND! Haha – because, Spatula.


Rose Gold Measuring Set – Brighten any kitchen up with this rose gold colored measuring spoon set.
Pepper Salsa Bowl- This hand-painted, fun and festive salsa bowl is perfect for holding salsa or guacamole. It includes a green, ceramic, spoon and it’s shaped like a pepper – this will be the hit of the party!

For the Gardener

Extra-Cushy Garden Knee Pad – Guys, be careful giving this one as a gift. Let’s just say, make sure she’s into gardening – or praying.

Pruning Shears – For the price, these are a decent and comfortable pair of pruners for the occasional pruning need – and specifically work well for those who have troubles with their hands (carpel tunnel type issues). If the person your are buying this for is a hard-core gardener you might invest in something a little heavier-duty – but to trim a few flowers now and again they work great.

Claw Garden Gloves – These are really great for digging and mulching. It will make you feel like a bit of an animal digging in the yard with your hands – but hey, gardening is about connecting to nature, so get freaky and werewolf-y with it!

Two Macrame Plant Holders – Perfect for a balcony garden or inside the home, these macrame plant holders are made of jute and are incredibly strong and durable. Great for the plant lover in your life.

For Men

Universal Socket – This is a great item to have in your toolbox and can take the place of a full ratchet system. But, it’s important to understand: if the bolts have good edges this thing works. If the bolts are stripped, it will just spin (just like other ratchets would).
Wrist Magnet for Tools – Written on this magnetic cuff are the words “Powerful Magnets to be a Powerful Man”. Apparently, that’s all it takes to join the Powerful Man club. I do think I’d prefer one that doesn’t say those things, but maybe that’s why it’s sold for such a low price.

Paracord Bracelet – For those not only into surviving but cool, MacGuyver-esque gadgets, this bracelet is kind of an all-in-one survival tool converting itself into 12 feet of paracord, an Embedded Compass, a Fire Starter, an Emergency Knife & a Whistle.

Wood Log Pillow – Most of the men I know aren’t into pillows – but this one is manly and looks like wood. Men are into wood. I think it’s biological. It seems like this would be a good neck pillow and is kind of a funny accent piece – good for a porch swing maybe or to take camping.
Telescopic Magnetic Wand – If he has a He-Shed or a garage, and a hobby, he’s probably dropped a few screws in his days. This will save him the anguish of getting under whatever it is to retrieve that metal object that inevitably fell into a place that cannot be retrieved by human fingers alone.
Thermal Mug – This is a fairly simple, no-frills, dishwasher-safe, thermal mug – but guys seem to really like it. In a man’s words this mug is described as, “perfect – not too fancy”.
Pocket Survival Guide – This could be good for a man or a woman, but if you’re stuck somewhere and not sure what to do, it could definitely come in handy. Wallet-sized pocket guide could live in a wallet, purse, or glove box and could wind up saving someone’s life. A practical gift that says, “I want you to LIVE, man!”.

For Women

Cell Phone Cover – If you happen to know which cell phone she has, she’d probably appreciate a new case for it. This is one of those things where having more is more – not less.

Yoga Pants – Guys – let me give you a little hint here and tell you to buy these for your lady. Women LOVE them! Most of the owners of these pants will tell you they would wear these every day and once you have one pair, you want more pairs. Super lightweight and comfy, these are great for the summer and they are cute and stylish. The only thing is they are one size fits all, and best for girls who are smaller and shorter (probably shorter than 5’9 you are safe). Taller women should check into another version of these meant for tall ladies.

Neoprene WaterResistant HeatResistant Flatiron Holder – Every day I have a minute or two of complete, sheer, panic. The idea that my house may be on fire enters my brain, I have a brief freak-out session, shake someone nearby, and then resolve that my home is no longer standing, at which point I weep uncontrollably. Okay, I do none of those things except for the moment of panic, but I think having a little case like this would help me feel better about packing up that hot iron when I’m done using it.

Bath Bombs – So many bath bombs. Hand-made. Meant for the hard-core bather. This ain’t no joke of a bath bomb set – the company is self-proclaimed to be “passionate” about skincare. I’m not gonna lie, that creeps me out. Don’t inflict your passion into my bath. I’ll create my own bath passion, thank you very much.

Burt’s Bees Kit – Good stuff at a great price. For those of you who don’t know about Burt’s Bees, (I can only assume you live under a rock), Burt’s Bees is a company that uses high-quality, all-natural ingredients.


Men in Uniform Drink Markers – Well, yeah. This bullet point in the description says it all, “These uniformed hunks are ready to leap into action to combine spirit, mixer and ice for the perfect long drink.” I don’t even know what a long drink is, but I somehow feel like I’m going to be okay never learning it. I managed to grok what was being sold with the scant information of “uniformed hunks”.

Slouchy Beanie Cap with Pom Pom – These hats are really soft, comfortable, and surprisingly warm. Also really cute and stylish for an unbeatable price!


Lilac Solid Perfume- Solid perfume that can be thrown in a purse or bag. Handmade and uses excellent ingredients that are good for your skin such as almond oil, Shea butter and beeswax. Available in many scents: Gardenia, Wild Rose, Jasmine, Vanilla Sandalwood, Plumeria, Honeysuckle, Tuberose, and more.

Delicate 14k gold filled stacking rings – Handmade rings that are custom hammered and made to order. Hint: when ordering a thick, stacking ring like this always size up.

Nail Polish – If you’re a woman, chances are you love nail polish and can never get enough of it. Revlon has tons of different, cool colors for under $10 bucks!

For Girls

Personalized Name Sticker – This is such a cool gift for anyone really – put it on a coffee cup or your thermos or laptop. Personalized and less than $10 bucks – you can also upgrade to a glitter option for an upgrade charge.

Light Scarf – This would be a sweet gift for a teenage girl and is well-priced enough to gamble on the style she might like.

Bracelets in Rose Gold, Gold, or Silver metal – Teenage girls are emotional messes. They have their periods, hormonal acne, and crushes on boys (or girls) who don’t always reciprocate their feelings. If she’s into jewelry, get her these bracelets to help her deal. It’s a great price, considering you get 4 of them.
Faux Nose Ring – If you love the way a nose ring looks but don’t want to commit to the piercing, try this little guy out for size – it’s even 14k gold filled and looks like the real deal.
Nail Polish Holder – Perfect for holding your nail polish when you are doing your nails away from the table.
Boho Headband- These colorful boho headbands are cute as can be. You get 6 of these for this price!


I hope you get some great ideas from this list and if so, bookmark it for later. Every dollar you spend supports baby kittens, Panda bears, and the whole continent of Australia. No, not really. Just me.

What are your thoughts?

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