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Gifts for People Who Are Always Cold

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You know that friend who is always cold?

I do, it’s me.

I shiver in 72 degree weather.

Cold body, warm heart, right? Well, some days that’s true. 🙂

Friends tag me on Facebook of people in full body sweaters. I would probably wear one if it would actually keep me warm.

Searching “gifts for cold people”, most of these are things I would never want (a coffee mug sweater? how will that help?).

Here is a solid list of things that the perma-cold actually want, and would use.

I know because I either own them already or they’re on a wish-list.

As the weather gets colder, I start to get out and layer up on all of these items. In fact, I just found my husband the other day holed up in the office with my sherpa blanket wrapped around him and he stole my portable heater!

It’s so nice when your family knows you well enough to buy you warming items as a gift, and IMO you can never have enough.

Gifts For Your Always Cold Friends

Rechargeable Hand Warmer, 5200mAh Power Bank : Larger Capacity and Double-Sided Pocket Warmer
This little guy can be recharged by your phone, and doubles as a power bank as well.

Ceramic Small Space Heater for Office, Home, Indoor Use
I use mine non-stop during the winter. This is a lifesaver for home OR work. These are so reasonable you could afford multiples to have in different locations (bathroom, closet, office – so many places to stay warm).

Women’s Thermal Base Layer Top – Lightweight Moisture Wicking Merino Wool Silk Undershirt &
Hocosa Women’s Organic Wool-Silk Long-Underwear Pants

I own a few pair of both the Silk Thermal tops and bottoms. In the winter, this is my salvation. The silk keeps you warm but breathes well so you aren’t sweaty, and the lightweight material is great so that you’re not adding bulk to your already bulky winter outfits. While they don’t run cheap, they are worth it. Comfy long undies are a must-have for us coldies.

Women’s Heated Base Layer
These shirts have their own portable heating system inside of them. I think it would be amazing, but I can’t attest to that yet (although I keep asking for one). It would make an incredibly thoughtful gift, but they don’t run cheap. There are also vests and jackets made like this as well.

Columbia Women’s Morning Light III Omni Heat Vest
Columbia brands tend to run a little pricier than others, but they are a reputable company for outdoor gear. You can find less expensive puffer vests that would probably work just fine, but I love mine and have been surprised at the warmth it provides. Great for those warmer months where you don’t need to sport a jacket all day.

Women’s Down Jacket – Warmth Without Weight – Duck Down-Filled Lightweight Packable Winter Outerwear
I have one that is similar to this that comes with a tiny bag it fits into (great and compact). It was a gift so I can’t reference that one, but this is close. These lightweight jackets are wonderful because they can be worn all day long and you won’t notice it. Yes, I wear mine inside, all day, almost every day in winter.

Heated Seat Cushion, 12V Sleek Design Nonslip Car Heat Seat Cushions Cover Pad Winter Warmer
Those without heated seats don’t know true happiness. Once you have tasted this luxury, it is hard to go back to being without. Even if you aren’t one of the “cold ones”, you will love the feel of the heat on your back for general relaxation purposes.


Womens Thick Ribbed Knit Winter Infinity Circle Loop Scarf
Super cute AND warm, for the price you can’t go wrong. My advice: order many, you will love it. Soft, not itchy, and fashionable.

Super Soft Luxurious Sherpa Throw Blanket
An unbelievably soft blanket that goes into the washer/dryer and comes out as soft as it went in with little to no pilling all over the place, it’s no wonder most of the reviews claim this blanket was made in “heaven”. Makes a great gift for anyone.

Women’s Winter Wool Knit Gloves Touchscreen Texting Finger Tips with Warm Fleece Lining
Warm gloves that still allow you to utilize your fingers/phone.

Womens Knit Peruvian Beanie Hat Winter Warm Wool Crochet Tassel Peru Ski Hat Cap with Earflap Pom
Adorable little hat which will keep your ears and head warm while you ski or head outside in winter for whatever festivities you like.

Women’s Winter Snow Boots Fur Lined Mid Calf
You can never go wrong with a furry boot. I have a few variations of these – short/tall/real UGG boots, and I love and use them all. They are the most comfy shoes you can put on your feet.



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What Items are Missing From This? How Do You Stay Warm?

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