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The Best Game Of Thrones Merchandise on Amazon

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Winter is Coming…

Even though it’s over now, and we’d like to pretend season 8 never happened (at least not the way it did), you can still hang on to those lingering memories of the good ol’ days watching GOT. Good times like the time Jaime pushed Bran out the window, Ned Stark’s beheading, Daeneryshappy wedding night, the Red Wedding, Theon’s new friend Ramsay, Sansa’s happy wedding night, Jon Snow’s death, Jon Snow’s resurrection, the White Walker battles, Dragon vs. Dragon Fights, twin sibling hate-love-death, and so, so, much more… whew… it’s been quite the dark ride through it all.

If you are a die-hard fan looking for some memorabilia, here are some great ideas for Game of Thrones items you can find on Amazon.


These banners will make a perfect compliment to your collection. Let your alliances be known with representation for House Stark, House Targaryan, and House Lannister.


Everyone is fighting for their seat, but you too can rule it, sitting on your desk for a mere $50.00 or so.

FUNKO Pop! Toys – Daenerys on Drogon & Night King

Oh YES. The ultimate face off between Daenerys and the Night King on dragon-back. You will be tempted to revert back to your childhood having these action figures in your hand.

Dragon Egg Candles

Dragon Egg Candles to light your home.

Viserion Statue

The ice version of Viserion, as evidenced by the blue flame.

Dragon Eggs Salt/Pepper and Toothpicks

Shake your dragon eggs for salt & pepper. And maybe a baby dragon. It could happen.

The Night King Action Figure

As cool looking as this is, I’m not gonna lie, this would wake me up out of a dead sleep with fright if I had this in my room. He is the freaky stuff nightmares are made of. Icy blue piercing stare, too much for me. But crazy cool detail for those who can brave it.

The Night King Mask

Halloween is coming. Make the children cry.

Game of Thrones Decorated Cups

If what you do is drink and know things, you might want a fancy way to sip your swill. These should do.

Game of Thrones Glasses

A nice set of whiskey glasses to use while you watch GOT. And trust me, if you get all the way up to season 8 you will need whiskey to get through season 8.

Game of Thrones Wood Coaster Set

Beautiful set of “laser” cut wood coasters.

Game of Thrones Wolf Cutting Board

As long as you’re not dining with Walder Frey, you should be fine.

Recruitment Posters – King’s Landing/Night’s Watch

I’m not sure I’m sold on joining either one, but the posters are lovely.

Map of Westeros Wallet

He may not be part of the Night’s Watch, but now he knows how to get there AND find his money.

Hodor Door Stop

Now there’s no reason to use a human carcass to do what this wood block is capable of doing.

GOT Hoodie

Stay stylish and comfy with these hoodies.

GOT Rolling Pin

Oh mylanta, they’ve thought of everything. Roll out (some cookies) in style with your favorite Westeros symbols.

Vinyl Record GOT Clock

The perfect accessory for a die-hard dire wolf fan’s kitchen.

The Game of Thrones Book Collection

This is where it all began, in the incredible and disturbing mind of one George R. R. Martin.

A Feast of Ice & Fire

This recipe book has almost solid 5 stars on its over 500 reviews. The word on the street is that the recipes come out amazing and it’s a fun (George R. R. Martin endorsed) tribute to the meals shown in the show. What better way to host a GOT viewing party than to serve up some of these delectable delights?

Game of Scones: All Men Must Dine: A Parody

I’m not even going to comment – the description speaks for itself:

“Arya Hungry?

Because Dinner is Coming…and it’s sure to be unforgettable and delicious with this witty book of edible recipes from the Seven Kingdoms.

The struggle for the Iron Scone has begun, and chaos reigns throughout the Seven Kingdoms. Appetites are rising, and kings, queens, knights, liars, and honest men battle it out as they play the Game of Scones.

Jammy Lannister, by right of birth, blood, and dough, has laid claim to the Iron Scone of Westeros: join him as he fights his way through the kitchen, encountering edible desserts and baked goods, including Unsullied Soldiers (without nuts), Brienne of Tart, Jaime and Cersei’s Family Mess, Red (Velvet) Wedding Cake, and much more.

As every Game of Thrones aficionado knows, all men must dine. Game of Scones is filled with such unforgettable delights as Tyrion’s Shortbread, Joffrey’s Jaffas, Bran Muffins (Hodor!) and Oberyn’s Smashing Head Surprise, and lavishly illustrated with color photos and step-by-step instructions throughout. This is the ultimate cookbook and gift for Game of Thrones fans and every adventurous baker.”


Inside Game of Thrones – Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes for Seasons 1 & 2 or 3 & 4 to see how the television team transformed the fantasy world from book to show.

gameofthrones merchandise

What other awesome GOT items are out there? Let us know what we missed!


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  1. wow these are so cool, what is like the most is Map of Westeros Wallet this is amazing. And I really want to buy this. Just look at the details WOW

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