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Free Amazon Samples

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You may know about some of the many things Amazon does, but did you know they give out free samples to anyone who has an Amazon account? You don’t even need to be a Prime member, you only need an Amazon account to qualify. 

Who says, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch?”

With Amazon samples, it may not be lunch per se, but you can sign up for free samples and they’ll randomly send you items to try.

That’s it, and there’s no catch.

It’s simply their way of getting people to try things they might not know about (like the Costco samples they give out when you’re in the store).

To sign up for Amazon free samples, follow these simple steps:

Pretty cool, huh?

Amazon does a lot of amazing stuff that most people probably don’t even realize.

If you are already a Prime member, or are thinking about becoming one, check out all the great benefits Prime members get.

What has Amazon surprised YOU with lately?



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