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Father’s Day Gift Ideas on Amazon

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Father’s Day is almost here. He assembled your first bike and put the training wheels on it. He taught you how to use power tools. Give Dad something nice this year.

Are you looking for some great, unique, gift ideas for your dear Dad?

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Here are our favorite Dad gifts on Amazon – bound to please the first man in your life:


Dad’s Smokin’ Meat

Most Dads love smoked meat – If yours is one, you can’t go wrong with this highly rated smoker.



Sauce Up Da Meat

If he’s already got the smoker, maybe he needs some fantastic BBQ sauces. These come inside of a ToolBox – bonus!



Never Make Dad Go to the Door Again

For that hi-tech Dad who is ready to survey the front door from the convenience of his smart phone. We love our Ring doorbell – the monthly subscription allows you to review videos of visitors after the fact – but you can use the free version if you are okay only using the real-time alert/answering.



Drill Daddy, Drill

An excellent cordless drill from a top brand.  Also includes an extra battery and charger.



Perfect For His Man-Cave

A neon sign with Dad’s name on it and whatever you’d like it to say underneath that. If you order this just be careful to spell it exactly as you want it to come out (with or without capitalization) or you might be disappointed with the result.



For the Whiskey Fan’s Man-Cave

A wonderful wall art piece for his basement or garage sanctuary – personalized with his name and whatever you’d like it to say.


For a Fancy Whiskey Drinkin’ Dad

Have him drinking in style with this hand blown glass decanter set.




MMMmmm Beer

If he loves beer but has never tried to make it before, you can get him started on a new addictive (and expensive) hobby.  Yes, you can buy a cold lager for around $2 dollars, but why would you want to if you can “craft” one by your own hands? A lot of dollars and many hours later, Dad will be able to share his own satisfying beer creation with friends.



Dads Should Smell GoodMake Dad smell legendary this year – Mom will thank you too.



Music to Dad’s Ears

Give Dad the very best audio experience out there with these almost 5-star rated headphones. They are truly amazing in sound quality and comfort.



For Your Detail’n Dad

Dads are obsessed with getting their prized car or truck to a mirror-like finish. Give him these tools that work really well on making the car sparkle. This will help feed his neurosis – and get him out in the fresh air for a bit.


Help Dad Find his Roots

Do you sometimes question if your family is really related to you? Does it seem like they might have switched the babies at the hospital? Give Dad the gift of knowing his roots (and in turn find out yours as well – if you are in fact related) with this ancestry DNA test.



He made you.  Now, you can make him happy.


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