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DIY Art in Minutes with Fresh Paint

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Looking for a great digital painting program that is also free? Yes, many people might not even realize that Fresh Paint by default comes installed on any computer with Windows 10. This incredible art program is super easy and fun to use – and today I will show you how to create your own digital artwork using this tool in only a few minutes.

Here are some of the digital paintings I created with Fresh Paint


boat   Fresh Paint Digital Art Beach

What can I do with Fresh Paint?

Fresh Paint is a program that allows you to do digital artwork replicating the art techniques of watercolor, oil paints, oil pastels, and pen and pencil work. You can also import photos and edit them using these techniques.

Why Create Digital Art?

Because it’s fun and relaxing – and satisfying when you can be proud of something you’ve created. Also, if you create digital artwork you can use this for any type of printable cards, screensaver backgrounds, or create a Calendar for the family using your lovely works.

But What if I’m Not Artistic?

That’s the cool part – I don’t think I’m very talented artistically, but I am able to make stuff that I like using this program – so that’s what counts. Also, the goal is progress, not perfection!

How Long Does it Take to make artwork with this program?

It took me 40 minutes to create the painting for this tutorial, and that includes me filming the whole thing (I sped a lot of it up for the tutorial video).

Do I need fancy tools to use with this program?

I created my work using a laptop and my trackpad as a mouse. It would probably have been easier if I did have one of those drawing tablets or special pens, but it isn’t necessary (from my experience at least).

What if I don’t have Windows 10?

Well, fear not my friends, you can download this app for FREE – that’s right – FREE. Just Google Fresh Paint App and download that bad boy. Here is the link to Fresh Paint at the Microsoft Store..

Does this work on a MAC?

Sadly, no – I don’t think it does. Sorry – but MAC does have a lot of art options so you might be able to find a similar program – but I don’t know what this would be unfortunately.


  1. Open the Fresh Paint App
  2. Find a painting you like online and have it up on the side of your Fresh Paint Window
  3. Click the plus button (+) to start a new canvas.
  4. Pick a brush you prefer (I usually start with the fan brush and then go to the smaller brushes as I put in more details).
  5. To get colors added, click the color wheel at the bottom and then you can customize the color more by selecting the last icon for the color selector. When you have the color you want picked by moving the wheel in the middle and to the right of the wheel, then click on your brush icon at the bottom to add that color to the palatte and your brush.
  6. Using the oil brushes (these are the brushes on the right side in Fresh Paint) – start to lay down the basic colors of the painting you’re cloning.
  7. Get the basic shapes and colors the way you want them – they will be blocky but this is fine.
  8. Using your smudge tool (white pencil) to start blending the colors together to look more like paint.
  9. The plus and minus at the top will change the size of your brush or smudge tool.
  10. Go back and repeat these steps putting more colors on with a smaller brush, then blending them in.
  11. Repeat this as many times as you wish to get the painting as you wanted.
  12. Add details in like trees, boats, mountains, etc. by using the finer brushes with the same technique – typically laying down the darkest colors first then highlighting with lighter colors.

Video Tutorial

DIY Fresh Paint Digital Artwork Tutorial

DIY Art in Minutes with Fresh Paint

If this worked for you and you’re happy about it – please share the results with friends, and/or comment below about it.

If you’re looking for something else to do that is creative and fun, check out our post on fun things to do at home.


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