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The Best Things to Buy on Amazon around $25.00

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The Best Things to Buy with $25.00

Amazon is on most of our lists for the #1 place to shop online. Their extensive selection, customer friendly prices and quick shipping options are the reasons behind why they are the go-to store to check first when you have something in mind.

But they also have hidden gems; things you may not have though to look for that are both well priced and useful.

These items make great gifts for yourself, or others. They may not cost much, but they pack a powerful punch!

$25.00 seems to go a lot further than it used to thanks to technology and competition.

Check out our list of ideas for some great, low-budget ideas.

Bluetooth Headphones

Holds a charge for up to 8 hours, produces incredibly clear sound with ergonomic comfort, and comes with a 12 month warranty – it’s no wonder these are so highly rated. These little suckers are waterproof too!

A bluetooth beanie cap with speakers inside of it! Great for brooding teens who like to keep their hair in a hat.

Mini Griddle

You can make just about anything on this little griddle, eggs, waffles, hash browns, you name it!

Let There Be Fireworks!

A remote controlled ball of light that you can configure as you wish. Perfect for the garden, a party, or your holiday tree.

A Cactus Collection

How can you afford not to get this pack of succulents? At around $2.00 a cactus they would make great stocking gits – just don’t put them in the stocking unless you’re okay with it becoming real messy.

Protect Your Car & Your Dog

This is brilliant. For any of you dog lovers who struggle with keeping your car clean when you take your canine best friend in the car, this is the answer. Keeps the car clean while keeping your pup from falling off the back seats.

Got Clean Screen?

Fingerprints on the screen? I’m looking at mine now. This cleaner is highly rated for eliminating those streaks.

Froth Yourself

While I haven’t got the heart decoration down yet, the frothing is easy to do with a tool like this for foamy, delicious puffs in your morning coffee.

Tablet Stand

Keep your tablet high and dry with this stand. It allows you to use a keyboard and turn the tablet into a mini-computer. Perfect for anyone who wants to use their tablet or phone hands-free.

Harley Owners Need Pens Too

I’m always floored by how creative people are. This pen holder is perfect for a Harley lover and the price – unbelievable.

Copper Mule Set

Great price on this set which includes 2 copper cups, 2 copper straws, and a copper jigger. All that’s missing is the drink (don’t forget the limes).

Fruit Infused Water Bottle

The problem with these bottles is that most of them leak. This one doesn’t.

Gloves With Light

Remember how Dad always had a flashlight in his mouth? Save Dad’s teeth with these light up gloves instead. Good for finger activities like knitting too!

Stroke The Hair Away

Grooming is such a bonding time with your pets. Now you can get even closer to them while you pet them gently and remove that hair.

Scratch Off Map

This one would be really cute as an anniversary gift for your spouse. Have some fun identifying all the places you’ve been to. Bonus item: USA map included as well.

Revolutionary Car Cleaner

Self-proclaimed to be the best interior car cleaner on the market, the before and after pictures from customers ARE really impressive.

Phone Cases

There are so many to choose from and it all comes down to personal style. But most of the cases on Amazon are under $25.00, so you can’t really go wrong.

Squatty Potty

Not sure that I’d give this as a gift, but over 1000 reviews with an average of 4.5 stars claim that this really does make the #1 difference in going #2.

Declutter Your Bathroom with a Jerrybox

“I don’t need any more storage” said no one ever. These little contraptions are configurable and will save you from makeup and hair product spew all over your counters.

Bluetooth Speakers

It’s crazy to me that you could get something that even works for this low-price, but a lot of the Bluetooth speakers nowadays work, work well, and are water resistant for around $25.00.



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What other awesome items are out there? Let us know what we missed!


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