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The Best Anniversary Gifts on Amazon

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Great Gifts From Amazon For Anniversaries or Other Occasions

Are you looking for some great ideas for a birthday, anniversary, or just to show them some love? Don’t forget Valentine’s Day either, and Amazon even has their own Valentine’s gift guide you can use as well.

Here is a collection of some of our favorite finds on Amazon – bound to get you out of the doghouse, or in it – if you’re wanting to bond with your canine companion.


Quarantine Friendly Dates

Virtual Experiences on Amazon

While right now pretty much sucks for a date night out on the town, companies are getting creative with what you might be able to do as an alternative. For example, check out this selection of tours on Amazon where you can get virtual guided tours that are actually pretty immersive and fun – some with interactive experiences like this tour to Slovenia where the tour guide will even put a lock with your name on it on the love bridge –

Ljubljana love stories: a virtual tour with romantic stories from Slovenia’s capital


For Her

Never Go Wrong with Flowers

 Benchmark Bouquets 2 Dozen Red Roses, With Vase (Fresh Cut Flowers) 

I actually didn’t realize Amazon sold fresh flowers until I saw them on their Valentine’s Day Gift Page. They look nice and come with a reasonable price tag.

Dark n’ Sweet Perfection

 Dark Chocolate Valentine’s Gift Box – Handcrafted Valentines Day Chocolates, 28 oz 

The perfect treat for your dark chocolate loving lady, or a great gift for your office coworkers.

She Will Smell Irresistible

 Kate Spade In Full Bloom Eau de Parfum Spray Womens Perfume, 3.4 oz. 

This is a light, delicate, floral, perfume that lasts. It smells the way you would imagine it might if roses and heaven made a scent-baby. Plus, the bottle by itself is beautiful.

Scent of Hawaii

Malie Organics Malie Organics Body Wash 

This luxury body wash will remind her of the fresh flower smell of Hawaii – made in Hawaii with organic botanicals, she will feel like she stepped out of a high-end spa every time she uses it.

Love is in the Air

NEST Fragrances Discovery Candle Set 

A nice sampler set of various fragrances she is sure to love.

Treska Urban Renewal Stations Pendant Necklace

I’m not sure what I love most about this funky, fun, and original style – but I’m a little bit obsessed with it.

A Charming Necklace

espere Star Drop Y Shaped Lariat Necklace Plated with 14K Rose Gold/White Gold

Subtle and beautiful, these delicate chains will win her heart.

Layered Dainty Delicate Ball Circle Disk Necklace

This minimalist gold circle necklace is simple and elegant, and completely on trend.

Satin Sleepwear

Womens Silk Satin Pajamas Set Sleepwear Loungewear

Soft, satiny and comfortable, these pj’s will give her the best night sleep she’s ever had. They also come in all sizes.

Sparkle Brighter

Sparkling Bracelet for Women with Aurore Boreale Crystals from SwarovskiA beautiful bracelet complete with a nice gift box. Totally gorg!

Affirm Love

Beautiful affirmation bracelets that look even more amazing stacked with multiples.

Gettin’ Corky With It

A mini cross-body purse handmade out of cork.

Sleep In Silk

These highly rated sheets, while pricey, do look amazingly luxurious.

For Mom

 AJ’s Collection My Four Treasures Personalized Necklace with 4 Customizable Discs in Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Plate and Rose Gold Plate with a 925 Heart Charm 
Unique and subtle, give her something that proudly represents her family in an elegant and significant way.

For Him

Scratch my… map

Maps International Scratch the World Travel Map
I think this is so cute to do together with your partner. It’s nice to have a map anyways (takes me back to my elementary school days) but this one is personalized with scratched off places you’ve been. What could be more romantic than reminiscing about the places you’ve been already and making plans for the places you will go?

Car Detailing Kit

Chemical Guys HOL132 Best Car Wash Bucket Kit, with Dirt Trap (11 Items)
Guy are crazy about getting their cars to a spotless, mirror-finish, see-your-reflection, clean. Give them these tools and create an overnight hobby or obsession – car detailing items are man-pleasers for sure.

MMMmmm Beer

Northern Brewer – Brew. Share. Enjoy. HomeBrewing Starter Set With Chinook IPA Beer Brewing Recipe Kit And Stainless Steel Brew Kettle

I find it a little cliche that we just assume all men are going to be into this, but let’s face it, most men love beer. I think it’s a stereotype that holds up, for the most-part. I mean, women love it too, but there is something really cute about watching your significant other geek out about getting all “science-y” with their brews. I know because my hubby has an in-home brewing lab, and it keeps him happy and always stocked with beer. If you want to get your guy into this, look into a starter kit like this one. Starter kits range from low-priced (around $60.00), to hundreds of dollars.

Make Him Smell Yummy

Very highly rated men’s cologne.

Candles For Dudes

Even in this gender-neutrafied world we live in where it’s okay for guys to get in touch with their feminine sides, if we’re even allowed to say there is such a thing as a feminine side, some men probably still balk at the idea of lighting a flowery candle. Problem solved with these candles that even women will love, which will bring back memories of your Dad’s favorite shave cream and other smells of yore. Perfect for a man-cave, where he can light his cigar and practice grunting.

For Anyone

Tea Time

COSORI Electric Kettle 
This Tea Kettle is awesome. My mother bought us one and we use it every day. Just add water and click the switch and it shuts off when the water is boiling. Heats water super fast and looks really pretty during the heating process.

Best Massager EVER

I already have a lot of those wand massagers and they work okay. I got this as a Christmas present and wasn’t sure about the strange looking arm straps. OMG, let me just tell you, this is THE – BEST – MASSAGER – EVER. I pretty much never want to leave the house anymore. For those who like a strong massage (no wimpy surface rubbing), this is a gift that will keep on giving.

Do You Do Fondue?

Anyone who’s ever done fondue probably knows it can be fun, if not a little more than sliiiightly tedious. If waiting 10 minutes for each piece of your chicken to cook as you gaze into each other’s eyes sounds like a romantic evening to you, then maybe it’s time you get your fondue on.



You are my person spoon – Best Selling Item – Engraved Message Spoon – coffee or tea spoon 

I’ve never seen Grey’s Anatomy but now I just might have to watch it. I love the saying – seems like the perfect message for love or friendship.

For Your Furbaby

Ruff & Tuff Fun

A highly rated toy recommended by dog trainers to keep your mutt busy and entertained with a hardy, interactive toy.

Puppy Love

I woof you heart rope toy for dogs – TOO CUTE!

Make ’em Work For It

Our Pets IQ Treat Ball Interactive Food Dispensing Dog Toy

Another entertaining and IQ challenging treat dispensing toy that will keep your pooch’s brain and body busy to prevent destructive behavior.

That’s a Lot of Rope

A large assortment of toys guaranteed to keep your chewy friend happy for a while.

Freak Fido the F* Out

Wanna checkup on what your dog is doing right now? Make your poor dog totally confused and falsely excited that you might be home with this complete invasion of its privacy – it works with Alexa too.

No More Goo-Hands

I didn’t think I’d love this as much as I do. A friend gave it to us and after trying it out I realized, I never have to fight my dog to wiggle that slimy ball out of his mouth again. The hands free retrieving makes it well worth the money.

Something For The Kitties

Kitties seem to enjoy these balls that go round and round and round. Sounds like something that might drive their owners crazy.

If Cats Had Mansions, This is What They’d Look Like

It’s a palace, for cats. Scratching posts, hideout spots, dangling toys included.

For Teens

Looks Great, Smells Great

Adjustable Tree of Life Diffuser Bracelet
What an amazing gift for a teenager or actually any woman for that matter. Beautiful AND functional.

Fluffy Heart Robe

Casual Nights Women’s Fleece Plush Robe
A soft and fluffy robe with hearts.

Love Socks

12 Pair of Socks with Gift Box
A sweet and “hearty” collection of socks to remind your high school sweetie that you love them, every-time they wear these.

We hope this helps you with some thoughtful gift ideas.
What are your favorite gift ideas?


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