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The Hairy Potato was created to help you find and learn about great products and websites without being subjective about it. We were tired of all the sponsored products and fake reviews out there and decided to bring something “legit” to the world. We DO NOT select items based on sponsorship, our information is discovered from looking through aggregate ratings across numerous sites to ensure our info is as unbiased as possible, or we mention things we love, have used and purchased, and can vouch for personally. Our goal is to help people make better use of great resources that are out there. How things work (best) is not always obvious to everyone, including us. And as much as we’d love to say we were doing this for strictly altruistic purposes, we are also here to make money (see our affiliate disclosure). The name of our site comes from our family’s dog, Colby, who is a lovable, chunky boy, hairy as all get-up and shaped like a potato.

Colby a.k.a. "The Hairy Potato"
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Who we are

Did you know about that great website that uncle Joe uses every day to get his groceries delivered? Or, that awesome $400.00 deal Patty found for a trip to Ireland? What about those tricks for making the most out of your visits to favorite Big-Box stores?  How about the cool new robot lawnmower that mows your grass while you’re at work; is that thing really worth the money? We came to the epiphany that it’s actually hard to find REAL information on the best sites to use – and while there are plenty of product review sites out there, it seems like they are all just advertising for the highest bidder. We decided enough was enough and that there was a need for some gathering of information, a need for a website like THIS ONE. If you are wondering who made us the experts on anything, well, YOU did – “you” the public. We have our own opinions, sure, but we won’t promote anything that doesn’t have a very high collective rating from multiple sources. We do our homework so that you don’t have to (you lazy bums). If there is a site or product which you love that we haven’t listed, please recommend it here!

Anti-Spam Policy

Here at The Hairy Potato we believe in a strict Anti-Spam policy. Our goal is annoy you as little as we can get away with, and therefore we monetize through Affiliate Links alone. What this means is that if you decide to purchase after following one of our links we might make a small commission on it at no cost to you. Note that being an affiliate representative does not mean we will be biased towards those companies, we list companies where we have no affiliate connection as well to ensure you are getting the best information possible. We will only contact you as requested via our Contact Form or Newsletter or, if we approve your suggestion, we might notify you that your item is on our website.

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