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Hello There!

Thank you for stopping by… I hope you have found some interesting things here.

The Hairy Potato was started as an outlet for me to share any cool findings I have come across or know from my own life experiences.

It was also a great way for me to learn how to build a site using WordPress – and some of my articles are from the learnings I had struggling through a lot of that on my own.

While my background has historically been in I.T., I find that most people are so much more than their career path and have a multitude of talent and passion – I’m no exception!

I love to sew, do crafty things, try new things out – create my own pinterest fails – work on my house and learn DIY improvements that are satisfying and save money… if I think it will benefit you by showing you some of these things or writing about them – then I try to do it.

I have recently become interested in making this world a better place – in whichever small ways I can. Part of that means trying to go a little bit green here and there – making my own home made cleaners, dabbling in growing a garden, etc.

The Hairy Potato is this guy:

Colby aka The Hairy Potato

We call him that because he’s super hairy, and shaped like a potato.

If you would like to contact me, please feel free to email: [email protected]

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You will not get SPAM from me – and I am not going to sell your info to anyone.

I ask that all comments and reviews adhere to the following:
  • Be Respectful– No offensive language towards companies, other posters, products, or us (really anything) will be tolerated. We actually love profanity ourselves, but think of the children. All those children (and nuns), looking for great products and deals who don’t want to have to read your profanities. We have blacklisted the “dirty words” from our site anyways, so chances are you weren’t able to enter it, but if we moderate your comment and find swearing or other spam, we will remove the comment/review.
  • You MUST have purchased or had an actual experience with the product or website to review it – This shouldn’t have to be said, but do not review a product or site you have never interacted with. While doing research to find reputable travel companies, there were numerous 1-star posts from people who shared sentiments like “I’m glad I never tried this place because of all the bad reviews”. Please refrain from adding your review unless you have firsthand experiences to share.
  • Allow the company to make it right first– Before broadcasting hatred and disappointment to the world, allow the company to make reparations to you. Human and system errors happen to even the best of us, so it is unfair to expect perfection or that there will never be a one-off problem with a company or product known for being reputable. We ask that you allow a company the opportunity to restore credibility before completely writing them off, if the situation affords it. A lot of companies will go out of their way to fix a bad experience and we believe this to be a sign of that company’s strength, not failure.
  • Write legibly and coherently – This is probably the most challenging request in the list, but we need you to write clearly. Reviews where the writer has misspelled most of the words and it doesn’t make sense are not helpful. It might be safe to assume the same lack of communication that prevented a coherent review has probably created some of the problem that formed the complaint in the first place. While we will try to attempt to correct minor grammatical errors, we have to be able to trust the reviewer and understand what they are trying to convey, to ensure that it has merit.
  • No promotions or solicitations are allowed– All spam, advertisements and self-promotion will be removed immediately.Thank you for abiding to our standards, we hope that this will keep our website enjoyable and useful for all visitors.


Thanks for stopping by and stay hairy, my friends!!

The Hairy Potato
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