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Amazon sells a LOT of stuff. At last count over 300 million products can be found at the online giant. If you want some ideas for popular items based on the best sellers in the main categories, ...

Great Small Gifts under $10 dollars

Gifts Under $10

Are you looking for some inexpensive gifts either for stocking stuffers or other filler gift items? Here are some great ideas that range in the less than $10 dollar category - although the prices ...

Soft and Furry Gifts for Her

fluffy hat girl

Do you love faux fur?? ME TOO! I am a sucker for all things soft, furry and comfy - as most of my wardrobe/closet will attest to. If it makes me want to pet myself, I want it or I own it. ...

How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

How to survive the zombie apocalypse |

While you will hopefully not ever truly need to survive a zombie apocalypse, you might need to survive a pandemic, a natural disaster, or some other emergency - and you don't have to be a weirdo ...

What To Do For Female Hair Loss

Hair on Fire

Hair falling out in large amounts? Seeing the shine of your scalp in areas you never did before? Not sure what to do? We've got some great tips on ways to regrow your hair - quickly. At the end is ...

Diaper Trike DIY

Diaper Trike

A diaper trike is hands down the greatest gift for a baby shower or just as a gift for a friend having a baby. Why, because it is as FUNCTIONAL as it is ADORABLE! On top of being a very thoughtful ...


Potato Pick Azazie Review

It was love at first purchase with an Azazie bridesmaid dress. Read the full review here as well as getting all of your questions about the company answered! What Is Azazie? Azazie is an ...


myweddingfavors banner

Overview With an average Google rating of ~4.7, this company has an impressive range of party supplies (not just wedding) where you can find something for just about any theme or occasion. ...

Nearly Newlywed

Nearly Newlywed Dress

What Is Nearly Newlywed? Founded by Jacqueline Courtney in 2011, Nearly Newlywed is a way for brides to buy and sell designer dresses that are in almost new shape for a fraction of the cost of ...


greenVelope Review

What is Greenvelope? Greenvelope is an online invitation creation and management tool for those who wish to send invitations in a more eco-friendly and modern way - paperlessly. Greenvelope has ...

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